Laura is coming home.

By Beate and Niels

11.05.21-13.05.21 Vordingborg to Ærøskøbing Marina

First full tour 2021. Laura coming to her new home in Ærøskøbing meeting Mary for the first time. Engine all the way, 16:43 hours, 84,3 nautical miles, and we made full use of the new heating and hot water system, still feeling fairly chilly although it was mid May. Being the luxury animals we are we have now also installed a Nespresso coffee machine for the mornings and an ice cube maker for the G&T’s in the evening – what else could one need I am sure we will think of something. Great start to the season.

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One thought on “Laura is coming home.

  • Niels Nedergaard Werner-Olsen 3 June 2021 at 5:37 pm Reply

    Just testing the comments field – we had a great trip.

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