By Beate and Niels

With all the big changes we have made in the last year we always had planned to dedicate the summer of 2021 to the “sydfynske Øhav“ – the archipelago south of Fyn, exploring our immediate neighbourhood. There are 55 islands south of Fyn, our Ærø included. We have not even discovered how many of them have harbours or landing bridges suited for the 1.5 meter draft of Laura. Smaller ones we might just visit by anchor and dinghy (outside the breeding season of birds 😊).

So we started by exploring the most obvious and closest. Skarø, Lyø and Avernakø. Drejø, our closest neighbour with harbour we visited two weeks ago over a sunny weekend – and had fallen in love with its quiet charm.  So now it was Skarø first. Little 10 miles, half wind, pleasant hop. We walked around in the little village and enjoyed some Skarø ice, produced here and exported even outside Denmark.  That’s the most famous feature of the island.

Next stop was Lyø. A nice but obviously very popular harbour, in particular with the German boaters. Theres was still enough space in the harbour, but we would not dare to go there in July! We took out the bike and made a great little tour around the island. And in a remote corner we met Jan, the German boatbuilder now living here (bootsjan.com). The little hall smells of wood and sawdust. And Jan shows us his 3 types of beautifully hand built Jolle and Kutter. Tempting to think to sail such a little beauty around here……. We will seriously have to think about this  😊.

The next days was dedicated to Niel’s other hobby. Flying the drone! We actually never flew it from Laura yet, which needs a bit of training and calm weather for the untrained.  Not to disturb anybody, we chose a bay opposite Lyø under the high cover of a cliff at the south Fyn coast. The first starts and landings were successful, we did not drown the drone or crashed it into mast or rig. Not much energy left to do the great footage…… you’ll have to wait for that.

The evening saw us in lovely Avernakø. Big surprise here, we met another Mistral 33, Mary Dry, who Beate met already some years ago. We reconnected over a couple of glasses of red wine. So great to see other people spending time and effort into real boats with some wood left on them, not only the omnipresent Tupperware.  Ok, ok, some Tupperware also looks quite nice.  However, we love the old style… see our yacht spotting page.

Avernakø is beautiful! Just as much as Drejø. Lovely little gardens, thatched roofed houses, large poppy fields….. Danish summer at its best.  We spend the morning biking the length of the island.  The afternoon brought us back home with a perfect broad reach. Already looking forward to visit the next little paradise.

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